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4 Easy Ways to Save on Small Buisness Insurance in Tulsa OK

In Tulsa, the cost of small business insurance is on the rise. Luckily, there are several strategies you can use to bring down the cost of your small Business Insurance in Tulsa OK. Whether you own a local restaurant or run a small freelance business from your home, here are some tips to help you spend less.

Think About a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)

Instead of purchasing all your insurance needs separately, a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) allows you to purchase basic coverage options in one affordable, standard package. BOPs typically cover the following insurance needs: Vehicular, liability, property and business interruption. For most small businesses, choosing a BOP makes a lot of sense financially. However, if your business comes with certain out-of-the-ordinary risks, you may need more insurance coverage than a standard BOP provides.

Lower Your Liability Risk

If you want to lower your small Business Insurance in Tulsa OK, you should strive to make your business look as low-risk as possible in the eye’s of your insurance agency. How do you do this? First, make sure your business structures are secure against fire and inclement weather. For example, class 4-rated wind-resistant roofing can significantly lower insurance rates in storm-prone Oklahoma. Also, fire protection is key if you want discounted insurance rates. Investing in fire-resistant siding and high-tech smoke detectors can successfully lower your rates. Finally, look into beefing up your security measures. For example, installing a security system can qualify you for lower business insurance rates.

Become a Member

Members of certain professional and business associations often qualify for reduced rates on business insurance. Ultimately, it can be financially smart to buy a membership to a group like your local Chamber of Commerce or The National Federation of Independent Businesses. As a rule of thumb, the larger and more nationally recognized the business association is, the larger your insurance discount will be.

Rethink Your Auto Insurance

Automobile insurance is an important to most small businesses, but you may not need as much as you think. For example, if your work-related vehicle is older, you can save a bundle by dropping the collision and comprehensive portions of your auto insurance policy. Talk to your insurer to find out exactly how much insurance you’re required by law to have.

Small business insurance can be expensive, but there are many ways to cut costs. For more ways to save, browse around this site.