5 Tips to Get the Most Accurate Auto Insurance Quote in Chicago

by | Nov 22, 2018 | Insurance Agency

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With the advent of the internet, consumers are frequently told that it is amazingly easy to get a fast and easy auto insurance quote in Chicago or other areas. However, few of those offering fast quotes also explain how to get the most accurate quote. After all, there is a lot more to the cost of insurance than where you live and the basic coverage you want for your specific car or truck. In this article, we’ll quickly consider five factors or tips to help you get the most accurate auto insurance quote in Chicago, or anywhere else for that matter!

1. Understand what you need – Few of us take the time to itemize precisely what we need from the policy. Is it liability and uninsured motorist coverage or do you also want comprehensive or collision? Maybe you want higher coverage amounts? Take the time to write out just what you are asking for and need

2. Know what you can afford – Budget is always a big factor when seeking any auto insurance quote in Chicago. Know if you want a higher or lower deductible, higher or lower coverage amounts, and any additional features (such as rental reimbursement and so on).

3. Understand if your record might have an impact on the quote – Do you have a recent accident or a lot of issues in the past? All providers look up your record to see if you are prone to tickets, accidents and other risks.

4. Determine if you have life changes that might affect the amount – Did you get married, move, get a new job, reach a certain age? These are all issues that can change the amount you are quoted or expect to be quoted.

5. Know that your vehicle can affect the price – The year, make, model, mileage and certain features of your vehicle can have a major effect on the final cost.

If you use a quickie online insurance calculator, it will ask for little more than your current zip code, age and maybe your gender. That will never provide an accurate auto insurance quote in Chicago. Instead, you’ll have to consider all of the issues itemized above and input them honestly into a more detailed calculator or share them with an agent. If you want a carefully built quote with flexible options and fair pricing, get in touch with Illinois Automobile Insurance Agency today for a free, fast and accurate quote. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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