A Life Insurance Agent in Ocala, FL Can Help Select the Best Type of Insurance

by | May 21, 2013 | Insurance

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Families need a variety of financial instruments to face the future securely. Couples want to make sure that their family can continue if one of them passes away. The time talk about life insurance Ocala FL with an insurance agent is when a person’s health is good and they are young. While younger people may be less prone to health issues, car accidents and other forms of fatal injuries can happen at any stage of life. They should select an independent agent that works with a variety of insurance companies. That ensures that they have a wide variety of options at many different price points. An insurance agent can explain how life insurance could even be an investment opportunity.

There are two basic kinds of insurance. The first is term life insurance and the second is whole life insurance. Term life insurance ensures the value of a life for a specific period of time. The term can run from one to 30 years or more. At the time of death it pays a specific amount to the beneficiary. Whole life insurance has both a term life insurance component and an investment component. It’s a convenient way to save because the person pays the premium on a regular basis. It can be a good way to augment a retirement plan. Because of the investment portion, whole life insurance is the most expensive option. People should consult with a life insurance Ocala FL agent to determine which is best for them.

When people pick a life insurance agent, they should look at the portfolio of insurance policies that the agent is knowledgeable about. In addition to the proper type of life insurance, the person or couple may also need health insurance. When people retire in their fifties, they are often faced with the difficulty of finding affordable health insurance. Even retirees who were promised that their corporate pension plan would cover their health insurance costs have been disappointed. This benefit either disappears or leaves the retiree responsible for thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket medical expenses. The more that health insurance eats into a family’s budget the less they have for retirement planning. A full-service insurance agent can help them minimize these costs.

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