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Advantages of Seeking Care from MetLife Dental Providers

Regular dental care is critical to your overall wellness. When you want to take the best care of your mouth and teeth, you need to visit with your dentist at least once, if not twice, a year.

However, you may also want to use your insurance coverage to pay for some or all of your care. These benefits are some that you can take advantage of when you seek care from MetLife dental providers in your network.

Regular Cleanings

The insurance coverage that you take out may pay for the costs of having your teeth cleaned once or twice a year. After you pay for your copayment, you can have the costs of your cleanings billed to your insurance policy. The insurer typically will cover most, if not all, of the expenses of a professional dental cleaning.

This coverage ensures that you get the most basic of treatment needed to keep your mouth sanitary and teeth free from cavities. If you receive more than one or two cleanings per year, you may have to cover the additional costs out of your own pocket.


Your dental provider also can offer you fillings for cavities. The costs of having your teeth filled may be covered in entirety by your insurance policy. You do not have to pay for those costs yourself.

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