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Are You Getting the Most from Your Hotel Motel Insurance?

The hospitality industry involves a lot of different moving parts. If you run any type of commercial accommodation property such as a hotel or motel, there are a lot of risks involved that you must bear in mind. You have the building and property to think about as well as the safety of your guests and employees to protect. If you already have hotel motel insurance, it may be time to evaluate if you are really getting the most from your current policy.

Different Options for Coverage are Available

The most important fact to note is that not all insurance policies are the same. There may be some legal or common aspects that are included, but there are also a number of additional options that you can select for additional coverage. It really depends on the risks you may face and amount of coverage you want to have.

Some of the main options you can include in your hotel motel insurance policy are explained below:

  • Contents coverage protects against loss or damage of all the different items at your hotel. These include furniture and appliances.

  • Business interruption coverage covers you for the lost business opportunities when you are having repairs done.

  • Public liability provides coverage for injuries to your guests and employees.

  • Legal expenses coverage can help if you face any legal challenges.

It is really up to you which elements you include in your policy. You should find a balance between comprehensive coverage and affordable premiums. The bigger your hotel, the more coverage you should look into.

Finding great insurance requires you to weigh out many different options and providers. This is where an insurance agent can help. When you work with a reputable and fully licensed agent, you can get assistance finding a policy that makes sense at your current level of business. Visit Boardwalk Insurance Group, LLC for more info.