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Automobile Insurance Requirements in Santa Cruz

Anytime you get behind the wheel of your vehicle in Santa Cruz, you are at risk of being involved in an accident. In some cases, the accident may be your fault, and in other, it may be the fault of another driver. Regardless of who is at fault, it is important for both parties to have automobile insurance so everyone is protected. To help ensure that each driver has the insurance he needs, Texas requires drivers to have a specific amount of coverage in various areas.
One of the aspects of an Santa Cruz automobile insurance policy is the bodily injury liability. This area of insurance covers up to a certain amount of medical bills of someone who is injured in a car accident. In Texas, the maximum coverage amount is $35,000 per person. The maximum amount per accident tops out at $60,000. Without this type of coverage, you could be responsible for all of the medical bills of the other party.
Property damage is another required aspect to automobile insurance in Santa Cruz. This part of the insurance policy covers any damage to property that occurs if you damage it with your vehicle. The state of Texas requires all drivers to carry at least $25,000 of property damage coverage. In many cases, this limit is plenty to cover any damage you may cause with your vehicle.
While not required, some drivers prefer to carry other types of automobile insurance. These other types of insurance protect Santa Cruz drivers from those who choose not to carry insurance or don’t have enough coverage to pay for damages. Uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist coverage can have varying limits, just like the other types of vehicle insurance. However, instead of covering the other driver, these types of coverage offer you the protection when another driver’s insurance doesn’t.
Because Texas requires Santa Cruz residents to carry certain amounts of automobile insurance coverage, buying the minimum doesn’t require much thought beyond pricing. However, depending on your driving habits and accident history, you may need additional coverage. Discussing your individual situation with an insurance agent ensures that you purchase the right types and amounts of coverage for you.
As you consider the automobile insurance companies available to you in Santa Cruz, check the rates based on the minimum the state requires you to carry. This can help you see which company offers you the best rates for the minimum. The company that offers you the best rate for the minimum is likely to also offer the best rate for any additional coverage you add. Visit us website for more details.