Common Causes of Rate Increases for Car Insurance in Wellington OH

by | Jun 1, 2018 | Car Insurance

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Rates for Car Insurance in Wellington OH can increase for many reasons. Policyholders who maintain a clear record typically see their premiums go down instead of up, but numerous factors lead underwriters to charge more.

Moving Violations

Being cited for moving violations or convicted of driving under the influence are the most typical reasons for increases in premiums. A DUI conviction can cause rates to spike dramatically and to stay at that level for several years. The current insurer may choose to not renew the policy, leaving the individual to try to find affordable high-risk coverage. Underwriters view drunk driving as a serious risk factor for an accident, which is why insurance costs so much more after a conviction.

Although not generally considered as serious as intoxicated driving, other violations also can cause rates for Car Insurance in Wellington OH to go up. Speeding and running red lights are primary examples, since they also are risk factors for collisions.

Lapsed Coverage

Premiums may become higher after a driver allows coverage to lapse. This may occur by not paying a bill or not renewing a policy. When the person finally gets around to applying for automotive insurance again, he or she may be surprised to discover that the new quotes are noticeably higher. That is likely to be true even with the same insurance company. The premium is likely to go down again after the first six-month term.


Simply moving to a different residence also can lead to more expensive automotive insurance. If the vehicle owner relocates from a small town to a big city, the risk of a collision increases because of traffic congestion. If the car has to be kept on the street because there is no off-street parking, that’s another problem for insurers.

Time to Shop Around

After a rate increase notice arrives with the policy renewal notice, it’s time to shop around. Better quotes may be available from different insurance companies. The consumer might start with an independent firm like Schlather Insurance Agency, which can provide quotes from several companies. More information on this particular organization can be seen.

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