Common Questions about Commercial Insurance in Long Island

by | Oct 1, 2021 | Insurance

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Accidents and fires can occur at any time, usually without any warning. People can slip, become sick or in some other way injured, all while visiting your business. This is why it is important for all commercial businesses, no matter if they have one employee, or a thousand, to invest in commercial insuvrance in Long Island.

Some of the most common questions regarding this type of insurance are answered here, which will help you make the right decision in regard to protecting you and your investment.

What does commercial insurance offer?

Business of commercial insurance refers to all of the various types of coverage available to protect a business owner from any type of loss. When you purchase business insurance, you can easily cover your property, as well as any business vehicles, ensure you are protected against legal claims including worker’s compensation or liability and also offer health insurance to your workers.

Why business insurance is important?

Even in situations where you do not believe that your business has adequate assets to be sued, or if you think since you are incorporated you can avoid personal liability, you still need the protection only offered by Commercial Insurance in Long Island.

Since anyone is vulnerable to a lawsuit, judgments are able to be collected through bank account seizures and wage garnishments, even corporate veils are able to be breached, insurance is essential. Additionally, the smaller business that you have, the more likely that you are going to be held liable personally for the debts and may lose your personal assets.

What are the types of business insurance?

The primary types of commercial insurance that you should consider purchasing include:

* Property or casualty insurance

* Commercial vehicle insurance

* Liability insurance

* Business interruption insurance

* Product liability insurance

* Health insurance

* Life or disability insurance

* Worker’s compensation insurance

Commercial Insurance is designed to offer you protection. Without this type of coverage, it may result in you lose the investment you have made in the business. In some cases you may also lose personal assets. Purchasing commercial insurance can ensure that this does not happen in your business.

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