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Considerations When Deciding on Options With a Motorcycle Insurance Policy in Monroe County MI

A Motorcycle Insurance Policy in Monroe County MI is likely to include optional features that the owner wanted in addition to the most basic liability coverage. Most bike owners need more than that basic policy, depending on how they use the vehicle, and the number of assets they own and need to protect.

The Problem With Minimum Liability

Minimum liability coverage is set by state law, and it can be relatively low for policyholders who own real estate or other assets of considerable value. That’s because liability coverage is only responsible for paying up to the amount specified in the policy and not a penny more. If the motorcyclist causes a serious injury to another person and the medical expenses are higher than the insurance coverage, that person can file a lawsuit to collect the rest.

Causing Injury

A motorcycle owner may wonder how likely it is that he or she would cause injury to someone else in an accident and also be liable for it. Most collisions between motorcycles and passenger cars are the fault of the car driver, and the motorcyclist is at significantly greater risk of serious injury.

However, the motorcyclist must consider the possibility that sometimes a passenger will be riding on the bike. Losing control of the motorcycle on a sharp curve could result in an accident that hurts the passenger. If minimum liability is not enough to pay the medical bills, once again, a lawsuit could be filed.

Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

A Motorcycle Insurance Policy in Monroe County MI does not have to include collision and comprehensive coverage. These options are recommended if the bike is relatively expensive and the person could not easily replace it or repair substantial damage without a check from the insurance company. The coverage pays for damage if the motorcyclist causes the accident or if non-accident damage occurs, such as negative results of vandalism and hail storms.

Getting a Quote

Get a quote from an independent agency such as the Insurance Center of Monroe. This agency is not tied to any one insurance company and so can provide quotes from different insurers. The policy features the person wants often can be found at various premium amounts from different carriers.