Covering Your Horse in the Event of an Emergency

by | Dec 20, 2017 | Insurance

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A horse event can be a magical experience to both watch and be a part of. In the world of professional horse riding, quite the name can be made by an individual or farm who has winning horses and riders. Investments such as dressage horses can cost quite a bit of money but in the event of a successful career it is possible to earn back quite a bit more on your initial investment. With this kind of fame being possible, it is a smart move to insure your horse as well as your rider in the event of a mishap, accident, or sickness.

Horse Events

Training a horse to perform in an event takes a lot of time, patience, and of course, knowledge. This in itself takes the skill of quite a few professionals such as trainers, groomers, and even veterinarians. Often, the true cost of performance can be forgotten by those who are not active in it daily. Being able to cover medical costs in the case of falls, accidents, or even sickness, is very important. In some cases, even the rider can sustain injuries. Carrying horse event insurance ensures that both your animal and rider are covered, as well as the high cost of seeking whatever type of medical treatment may be necessary. In some cases, horse event insurance may even cover the costs lost if your animal is unable to compete as they should due to unforeseen issues.

Complete Coverage

When seeking proper insurance coverage, you must find a company that offers the most comprehensive coverages available. Knowing exactly what they will and will not cover is important before you trust them with your business and, most importantly, the lives of your animals. If you find yourself in need of a consultant for horse event insurance, give the professionals at Harbin Equine and Farm a call.

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