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Do You Need Renter’s Insurance? Here’s Why the Answer is a Resounding “Yes!”

Most Americans have some familiarity with insurance policies, such as auto insurance for the family car. If you rent your home, you may have been asked about or considered renter’s insurance – but do you need it? Here are just a few reasons why adding a rental insurance policy to your annual expenses is an investment you can’t afford not to make:

Your Rental Contract May Require It – and That’s a Good Thing!

Many landlords and rental communities require tenants to purchase some renter’s insurance. This is because the property insurance these business owners buy covers only the structure and land they own, not the personal possessions of the people living inside. To protect the landowners from any liability for damage to those possessions and to ensure the replacement of the possessions in the case of anything from natural disaster to vandalism and theft. Bottom line? Adding the expense of renter’s insurance prevents major expenses later – and may be required to keep you from being evicted!

It’s Usually an Easy-to-Get Add-On

Many companies allow their consumers to tack renter’s insurance policies onto the monthly cost of insurance they’re already buying. Madison, WI insurance company name provides clients with everything from homeowner’s insurance to business insurance and beyond. Giving consumers the option of adding renter’s insurance to existing auto insurance or other policies can help maximize savings and convenience, and provide the added security customers need without causing a hassle to get it

The Best Part? It’s Very Affordable

Compared to many other kinds of insurance packages, renter’s insurance is cheap. The average cost is less than $240 per year, averaging out to less than the cost of a restaurant dinner per month! For such a small investment, you can prevent major financial loss in the event of a disaster, and enjoy the peace of mind that protection brings. Contact your local insurance agent today, and see how easy it can be to add this policy to yours!