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Equipping You to Purchase Auto Insurance in Westmoreland County

Some people thrive on taking risks, but there are some situations in which you just cannot afford to be risky. Automobile insurance is one of those things. Some people say, “Well, I am just driving back and forth to the corner store; I don’t really need insurance.” Although you do hear of terrible accidents on the freeway somewhere, statistics show that less than 2% of accidents occur more than 50 miles from your home and 52% of people are likely to get into an auto mishap within 5 miles of their home. The gamble is just not worth it.

Drivers MUST purchase auto insurance in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. RFP & Associates, who provide Auto Insurance in Westmoreland County, PA, want to make it easier for you to understand the auto insurance industry process. You are required to not just purchase insurance, but you must maintain what is called in PA “financial responsibility.” This means that if there is a lapse in your insurance, you risk a minimum penalty of $300, your license and registration may be suspended for three months and you will have to pay restoration fees plus provide proof of insurance to get them back. Your vehicle may even be impounded.

In Pennsylvania, you are required for minimum coverage to have $5,000 medical benefits, which pays medical bills for all covered under the policy, regardless of fault. You must also have bodily injury coverage, which is $15,000/$30,000 and property damage coverage of $5,000. Finally, you have to have limited or full tort coverage; the limited offers savings on your premiums and you are able to recover all your out-of-pocket medical and other expenses. Of course, with the full tort, you have unlimited rights to bring suit against persons held liable or negligent.

Now that you have a little information on insurance requirements in PA, you are equipped to purchase Auto Insurance in Westmoreland County or any other area of PA. RFP & Associates Insurance helps their customers in Latrobe, PA, Greensburg, PA and, of course, in Westmoreland County make choices tailored to the customers’ needs. The agency works with many insurance companies to get you the best possible rates and save you time as well as money in shopping around. Besides auto insurance, they offer homeowners’, individual health and life, business and others.

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