FAQs About Homeowners Insurance In Wichita, KS

by | Nov 18, 2016 | Insurance

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In Kansas, homeowners purchase insurance to prevent losses and the impact of liabilities. The policies replace the property if it is totaled. It also provides funds to replace the owner’s belongings. The following are FAQs about homeowners insurance in Wichita KS.

Can Owners Obtain Insurance for Their Property that Reflects Its True Value?

Yes, they can review policies for the true replacement value. This value is the price of rebuilding the property after it is a total and complete loss. The value is designated by the median of three estimates provided by builders or contractors. It doesn’t reflect the value in which the property could acquire in the current housing market.

What Factors Define a Market Value?

Policies that don’t reflect the true replacement value present the market value when the home is destroyed. The claim’s adjuster identifies properties in the area that provide the same features. This includes the same size, design, and interior amenities. Next, they research similar properties that sold within the last six months. The median value of these sales is defined as the projected market value. It is the value at which the property would sell in that market.

For What Reasons Can the Policy Become Canceled?

If the homeowner doesn’t pay their payments on time, the insurer reserves the right to cancel the policy. They may also cancel it if the property remains vacant for more than sixty days. The insurance covers primary homes, and it is important that owners don’t allow it to remain vacant for long. Additionally, if the homeowner files an excessive number of claims in one year, they could be deemed uninsurable.

What Items are Included in Coverage for College Students?

Typically, the only items covered for the college students who don’t like at home are their personal belongings. This includes their clothing, electronics, and furnishings. Their automobile is listed on a separate policy.

In Kansas, homeowners need insurance to protect their investment. These policies enable them to access funds to correct damage and restore their property. It also pays for liabilities such as visitor-related injuries. Homeowners who need further answers about homeowners insurance in Wichita KS contact us today.

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