Five Key Factors That Affects Medical Insurance Quotes in Los Angeles

by | Oct 11, 2012 | Health Insurance

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If you are looking to learn about how medical insurance works than this article will surely be of good help to you. Almost everyone needs a medical insurance to avoid any financial crisis that may occur because of some unexpected disease or injury.

First of all, keep in mind that Medical insurance is not a fool proof system by any means, and you must know all the ins and outs of medical insurance to get the best deal on your medical insurance quotes in Los Angeles. There is a lot of room when it comes to obtaining medical insurance quotes from companies; you are in a great position to negotiate with the company to get a better deal, because of the immense competition in the insurance market of Los Angeles.

There are few factors that directly affect the medical insurance quotes in Los Angeles:

Habits of Individual

People that are involved in sports and have been going through injuries through their lives, or people that smoke excessively, or drinks more often, are expected to pay more premiums on their medical insurance. This does make sense; as such people are more vulnerable to diseases and injuries. Try avoiding smoking and drinking or doing anything that is extreme enough to hurt you, in order to lower your premium, so that you can pay it easily.

Weight of Individual

Normally it is believed that more weight = more diseases. Hence over weight people are also found to be paying more premiums to their insurance companies. Hence losing weight and living a healthy life can also be a great way to lower your premium.


Gender is something that you can do nothing about. According to doctors, men are stronger than women, but from inside, women are healthier than men, and therefore medical insurance quotes that are offered to female has less premium than men. Especially young women tend to have a much better premium in Los Angeles and other parts of the United States.

Family History

Family history is one of the first things that every company that offers you medical insurance quotes in Los Angeles is going to examine. The companies are so concerned to find out the family history of an individual before deciding the premium they would quote. Families that have a history of cancer, and heart diseases seem to pay a much higher rate on premium.


It is a quite straightforward understanding that individuals that are young (18-30 years old) are less likely to fall sick and contract a sever disease, and therefore they are the best candidates for medical insurance. This is exactly why, youngsters are told to get a medical insurance as soon as they get financially stable, so that they can keep enjoying the lower rates in future.

There are various other factors that are involved that affect your medical insurance in Los Angeles, but these are the main 5 factors that you will have to deal with if you try to get the best deals for your family on medical insurance plans.



Medical Insurance Quotes in Los Angeles

Medical Insurance Quotes in Los Angeles

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