Fullman & Lawrence offers a great Automobile Insurance Plan

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I purchased a used 2012 Nissan Altima about 3 months ago. Despite having gone through recommendations by a couple of dealerships, I got the car from my close friend. Because it was a pretty straightforward situation, I didn’t bother applying for automobile insurance. Living in Longview, Texas it was easy to overlook this aspect as I happened to be quite busy at the time, but soon I realized that I had made a grave mistake.

A few weeks ago I saw a rather brutal accident happen on my way back from work. Being a relatively new driver, this accident ingrained a deep fear in my heart and I realized I need to get my priorities straight. The first thing on my mind was to get my car insured as soon as possible.

Since every procedure related to automobiles was alien to me, I decided to research some how-to-tips to get my car insured. I learned quite a great deal information online, and soon after I began shopping online for different automobiles insurance providers to gauge the options I had.

I researched the four top insurance providers in the area of Longview, Texas. I found several reputable companies in and around the area but I decided to stick with the top four and focus on what they had to offer me.

The basic liability coverage and personal injury protection, or PIP, coverage was constant across all the short-listed companies. Even the additional coverage provided by them overlapped. For example, the comprehensive coverage, medical payments coverage, collision coverage, and road side assistance was common across them all. I was looking for the best insurance plan, a plan that provided something extra for the early premium I was going to pay.

After long hours of studying different plans, I found an agency that offered few unique coverage options that weren’t offered in the rest. This insurance company went by the name Fullman & Lawrence Agency and offered unique services that would prove helpful for me in the long run. I opted for that and got in touch with the agency to get a quote.

The insurance plan the agency offered provided me with more benefits, along with some unique features. The first thing that attracted me was the accident forgiveness option, I opted for that as it would save me money in the long run.

Other features that caught my attention were the deductible rewards and the safe driving bonus. This essentially made up for the extra I paid for the accident forgiveness above. With this plan, the longer I go without a claim the lower my deductible becomes, I would then be rewarded for safe driving.

Also, in an event that my vehicle is completely totaled through no fault of my own, Fullman & Lawrence will offer a new car replacement as well. With all these coverages combined, I gave Fullman & Lawrence agency my business. I’ve been much more relaxed on the road from that day out and they’ve been nothing but great so far!

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