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Great Information About Auto Insurance Coverage In Elyria OH

Having Auto Insurance Coverage in Elyria OH is mandatory by law. The government doesn’t care if a person’s car is only worth $500. If it is registered in Ohio and operational, it must be insured. Liability insurance isn’t really about the car that is insured. It’s about property damage and/or injury that might come about due to an accident. Even though carrying insurance is mandatory in Ohio, there are some car owners who refuse to follow the law. Some simply can’t afford insurance. Unfortunately, such drivers often end up in more financial trouble if they are caught driving without insurance.

Even people who have Auto Insurance Coverage in Elyria OH can get in trouble if they are not careful. Ohio has a random selection program. The program uses computers to randomly select people who have vehicles registered in the state of Ohio. Once a person’s name is selected, a letter is sent to that person’s address requesting proof of insurance. What if an individual doesn’t get the letter? Well, another letter will be sent out if the first doesn’t get a response. If the letters don’t get answered, the person’s license will be suspended. There are a good number of people who don’t like the program, but it just shows how even people who have insurance can get in trouble if they aren’t careful.

Cars can be expensive to fix. What if a car stops working and needs over $1,000 in repairs? The owner might not have money to fix it. As such, the car owner might just cancel the insurance on the car and leave the car in the garage or driveway. If the car’s owner gets a letter in the mail demanding proof of insurance, the only way to avoid having a suspended license is to provide proof from a licensed mechanic that the car isn’t working. People who don’t understand these rules often end up with suspensions because they can’t understand why they have to prove that their cars aren’t working.

People who are confused about insurance laws in Ohio can contact or another insurance website to get help clarifying laws. When people receive letters demanding proof of insurance, they can contact their insurance agents to get help dealing with the letters. Making one mistake can lead to a suspension even if a person is following the law. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.