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Homeowners Insurance Latrobe PA: Facts on Attractive Nuisance Coverage

An attractive nuisance is an item that’s compelling enough that it encourages people to come onto private property, and having one in your yard is like dealing with a ticking time bomb. Companies selling Homeowners Insurance Latrobe PA consider things like trampolines and swimming pools to be ‘attractive nuisances’, and courts frown upon homeowners who don’t do anything to prevent an accident. Other attractive nuisance examples are:

  • Power tools/construction equipment
  • Aggressive animals
  • Open holes/pits
  • Ponds

Homeowner Insurance Latrobe PA underwriters are becoming stricter where attractive nuisances are concerned. When you’re shopping for coverage, be prepared to answer questions about potential dangers and your ability/willingness to ensure that children can’t access your property unattended.

It’s Important to be Honest

When you’re buying a policy, it’s vital that you’re forthcoming about any attractive nuisances you may have; doing so will lower your chances of a rejected claim later. Insurance professionals understand the risk of attractive nuisance lawsuits, and some may reject you if they believe there’s a chance they’ll end up losing money. Even if you’re accepted, your rates will likely be higher: for instance, if you have a dog that’s been documented as aggressive, your insurer will add a surcharge or exclude the animal from the policy.

Liability Coverage: How it Protects You

The average homeowner’s policy provides from $100,000-$300,000 in per-incident coverage. That’s enough to cover an attractive nuisance claim, but it’s always wise to ask your insurance agent. If there’s an accident on your property but you don’t have the coverage for it, you could potentially lose your home and assets. If you have a swimming pool $300,000 is the minimum coverage you should have; for extra protection you can buy an umbrella policy which takes effect after your coverage limit is reached.

Can you be Jailed for an Attractive Nuisance Accident?

It’s highly unusual for a homeowner to be charged in connection with such an accident, but it can happen in cases of gross negligence (such as failing to put a fence around a swimming pool, or having an unlocked gun around children). Although it’s unlikely that you’ll be criminally prosecuted, it’s still financially sensible to take steps to prevent an attractive nuisance on your property.