How Commercial Insurance Is Different From Business Insurance

by | Apr 4, 2013 | Insurance

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How is Commercial Insurance in Los Angeles different from business insurance? In a sense, they are the same thing; that is, business insurance is just one type of commercial insurance. Commercial insurance is a broad term used to refer to insurance policies and products intended for government agencies and non-profit groups in addition to business organizations. All these groups have very different insurance needs though certain similarities exist. Government agencies, non-profits, and businesses all serve a portion of the public and interact with anyone who comes in the door. They all have employees that work for them, equipment necessary to keep the organization moving forward, and physical property that needs protected. In most cases there is a physical location that needs to be protected against theft, vandalism, and fire; if any of these groups own fleet vehicles or any commercial automobiles these will need to be insured, too.

Commercial Insurance in Los Angeles will protect your non-business agency in the same manner that a business insurance policy protects a business – and it will do so in the manner you need it to. If you have ever struggled to make a business insurance in Los Angles fit the needs of your organization, you already know just how frustrating it can be to try to make use of a policy that wasn’t created with your type of agency in mind. Insurance experts all agree that purchasing a policy that only fits so-so is at best a waste of money and will at worse leave you more vulnerable than you should be. Regardless of how much you choose to pay for any particular policy, if you aren’t purchasing the type of coverage that’s adequate and appropriate for the work you do, you’re just wasting money that would be better spent on a more tailored policy.

To avoid making a poor insurance purchasing decision, the best thing to do is to talk with an insurance agents in Los Angles who sells commercial Insurance. Local agents are familiar with area agencies and with the local market; they’ll be able to give you some valuable insight into the needs of organizations just like yours. If you want a more individualized, hands-on approach to assessing your insurance needs, then seek out an insurance broker. Insurance brokers do more than tell you about different policies and explain the nature of their coverage. A broker will get to know your agency and analyze its insurance needs directly.


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