How Does Life Insurance in Austin TX Work as a Source of Disability Income?

by | Nov 10, 2016 | Life Insurance

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On top of federal disability, it is entirely possible to use Life Insurance in Austin TX as a lifeline. Life insurance is usually perceived as an after-death benefit- an occurrence that organizes finances when one passes away. But, it has many present-day usages as well. One of the most peculiar and most misunderstood is the ability for Life Insurance in Austin TX to act as a disability-related income source. The insured can receive disability through their life policy that can help them in this life.

The consideration is a safety net built into a life insurance policy. It typically works as follows. The policy will have a clause allowing for additional payments after a critical incident. This can include a stroke, cancer, or a massive injury.

Taking disability from a life insurance policy will have little to no effect on a payment for federal disability. It is in addition to and should be reflected as such. The insured will have to report the funds through tax records as a life insurance disability payment. An agent such as Patrick Court can assist in this process.

The clause comes in the form of a rider. The rider will dictate the overall specifics of the policy, which includes any disability payments. The disability itself does not have to be crippling. It could be a temporary ailment. It is typically reserved for individuals who are no longer able to work due to their ailment, and there is little expectation for them to work in the future. This will allow the disability to be continuous, as it is designed for individuals who are likely to need the disability compensation for life. The compensation is designed to pad against mounting medical bills. There is little protection for people in this current age, and this is a potentially great source to keep the finances in check during a troubled period.

Life insurance can be complicated. An agent can walk a client through these details and assist them in understanding what they have and what they do not have in their current policy. A trusted agent is essential.

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