How To File A Renter’s Insurance Claim

by | Aug 4, 2017 | Insurance

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When the unthinkable happens and your home or property has become compromised by theft or burglary, the next step to take is to file a renters insurance claim. However in order to get the right payout for the items you lost, it is essential to file your claim on time. You can take out a renter’s insurance policy with your local insurance company that will protect your items while you are renting. Understanding how to file a renters insurance claim will protect you when the time comes to take this important step.

Take pictures of your home

The first thing to do after a burglary or fire is to document everything. Pictures offer a timestamp and provide information about the condition of your home. This is information that the insurance company can use to make a decision on your renters insurance claim. You can take the necessary steps to protect what matters most by taking pictures and documenting everything as needed.

Contact your landlord

After taking the pictures, you can contact your landlord to get an official statement. Your landlord may be able to provide you with a written statement about what happened. If there was a fire or flooding, this statement can serve as proof to provide to the life insurance companies. When filing your renters insurance claim, you can use this statement as evidence of what took place.

Submit your claim to the life insurance company

The final step you will need to take is to submit your claim to the life insurance company. Your renters insurance claim will need to be accurately submitted to ensure the best results and claim approval. With sufficient evidence demonstrating that you were a victim of theft, burglary, water or fire damage, you have a good chance of having your claim approved.

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