How to Find the Best Mobile Home Insurance Service in Monroe County MI

by | May 23, 2017 | Financial Services

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Homes that have been constructed in recent years seem to have a much better track record when it comes to fire prevention and safety. This is due to advances in construction and materials, but the same can’t be said for mobile homes. Many modular homes and mobile homes are outdated and seem more susceptible to fires. Generally, The materials used when building manufactured homes leaves them more vulnerable to fire compared to what is used in building new homes. This stresses the importance of Mobile Home Insurance Service in Monroe County MI, which can give owners peace of mind knowing that their mobile home and belongings will be protected.

Mobile home insurance is a set of policies that are custom-made to cover a mobile home and everything inside it due to disaster or theft. These policies may include liability insurance, which provides a financial buffer if one is sued for property damage or bodily injury to a third party on their property or inside their mobile home. There is also personal property insurance which protects the mobile home owner’s personal belongings inside the home in case of fire, wind, rain, vandalism and even earthquakes. Property damage insurance will cover their mobile home against losses due to fire, rain, wind, or even vandalism. There is also medical insurance which can help pay for medical costs associated with any accident on the property. Finally, customers who live in flood zones can get flood insurance as well.

The Insurance Center of Monroe has been serving Southeastern Michigan for over 80 years. Besides offering Mobile Home Insurance Service in Monroe County MI they also offer auto insurance, business insurance, as well as life insurance and annuities. Contact us to see the full scope of insurance services offered. If a mobile home owner needs to purchase a policy, it is wise to have the following information available: The size, location, and age of the mobile home. Is it used seasonally or is it their primary residence? Is it anchored to any slabs, or can it be moved? What coverage limits will they want, and what type of deductible do they prefer? Having this information handy will make the process easier for both the agent and the customer.

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