How to Save Money on Teen Car Insurance in Nocatee FL

by | Jan 25, 2021 | Insurance

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Teenagers are often the most expensive group of people to be insured through car insurance agencies. Because they are new to the road and new to driving, they are a higher risk for insurance agencies. However, purchasing car insurance for a teenager does not need to be that costly. Follow these three tips to save loads of money on teen Car Insurance in Nocatee Fl.

Student Discounts and Other Discounts

The majority of teens are either still in high school or are about to enter the college world. Luckily, many car insurance agencies offer student discounts for new drivers. In particular, there is the “good student discount.” This discount is offered to students who perform well in their academic studies. In order to receive this discount, simply call the insurance company and apply for the discount. Big name insurance companies will take as much as 20% off as long as the student has a B average. There are also many other discounts that can be offered to teenagers. For example, taking an online driving safety class can earn some teens 10% off their overall insurance bill.

Used Cars

While a teen may want a new shiny sports car, it actually can save parents and teens a great deal of money on insurance by having the teen drive a used vehicle. Cars that are a bit older will end up costing less for the insurance agency if the car is in an accident. The risk is simply a lot less for both the parents, teen, and the auto insurance company.

Defensive Driving Courses

Defensive driving courses are a great way for both teens and parents to save on car insurance costs. Enrolling your teenager in a DMV certified defensive driving course can earn up to 20% off insurance bills and a huge savings on the insurance premium. Beyond saving money, these courses are wonderful ways to teach teenagers the ways of the road, safety measurements, and safety precautions.

Follow these three tips to save money on teen Car insurance in Nocatee Fl. For even more information about teen insurance discounts, contact Sitename.

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