Insurance Savings from the Ortiz Insurance Agency in Houston

by | Jul 8, 2013 | Insurance

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Saving money on your car insurance is something that most people are very interested in but rarely have time to investigate. That’s why the Ortiz Insurance Agency Houston has come up with several simple ways that everyone can trim their insurance costs without taking a lot of time out of an already jam-packed schedule. With fifteen minutes here, ten minutes there, and maybe an email or two, you can be on your way to some significant savings in no time.

One of the easiest and most common ways of saving cash on your insurance is to bundle your policies together with the same insurance provider. Insurers frequently offer discounts to customers who carry multiple policies with them, so take five minutes to email your insurance agent and ask about available savings for bundling your car, home and life insurance policies together. It can be helpful to have the current policy rates that you’re paying at hand as well as any quotes that you’ve received that are lower; many companies are willing to match competitive rates for a limited time period, saving you even more money. Secondly, make a phone call or email the insurance provider’s primary information source and ask about discounts for making any changes or upgrades to your home or vehicle; homeowners who add energy efficient upgrades are frequently eligible for sizable discounts from their insurance provider as well as rebates from state and local government. This can mean big savings over a period of several years. Finally, look around the internet and get some quotes for car insurance from other providers, and then talk to your agent about the possibility of matching the quotes. Price matching is becoming more and more common across the board, which is good news for consumers.

Saving cash on your insurance premiums may seem far-fetched, but with a few phone calls and emails, the Ortiz Insurance Agency Houston says you can shave quite a bit off your costs. Start with a clear strategy in mind as well as what you want and don’t be afraid to ask for it. After all, the worst that your insurer can say is no, and you’ll be no worse off than you were before.

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