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by | Jul 23, 2014 | Insurance

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There are people who think that there is a major difference between an automobile policy and motorcycle insurance. If you own a motorcycle, the insurance will insure you in many of the same ways that an automobile policy protects the driver and the vehicle. The difference between the two policy is determined by other factors like, riding with a passenger, after-market parts on your motorcycle and the location of your garage. Here are some of the motorcycle coverages offered by a Motorcycle Insurance in Hemet CA company.

Lease/loan coverage

There are people who get a loan to purchase their own motorbike. This coverage protects you from losing your motorbike and the amount owing to the finance company in case you are involved in an accident. This coverage can only cover a new motorcycle. If you have purchased used motorcycle, you can only get collision coverage.

Towing and labor

This coverage will cater for towing of the motorcycle in case you are involved in an accident or when your motorcycle breaks down. The insurance company will pay for towing fee and take your motorcycle to the nearest repair shop.

Additional equipment coverage

You may own a customized motorcycle that has additional special parts. This coverage protects you from losing your customized motorcycle in case of an accident or theft. It is important to consult Motorcycle Insurance in Hemet CA company in case you want to purchase a customized motorcycle. In case of anything, the policy covers the value of your bike including special parts like custom handle bars, custom paint jobs and windshield.

Body injury liability

The policy works the same way as automobile coverage. However, the liability coverage is separate. It is also advisable to inform the insurance company in case you are the kind of person who rides the bike with a passenger to make sure he is covered.

These are just a few policy that Insurance Services Inc sells to motorcycle owners. The company can also offer additional coverage for motorcycle parts like helmet. The company also advises you on the best repair shop to take your motorcycle in case it breaks down. Whatever motorcycle needs you have, the insurance company is ready to listen to you and offer you a policy that fits your specific needs.



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