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Learn More About our Benefits Wallets for Employees

As an employer in Toronto you face several different challenges, with providing healthcare benefits for your employees being a significant one. There are a wide range of group benefits packages on the market today and plenty of reasons for you to invest in a benefits package for the benefit of your company.

Benefits for employees helps you to attract more qualified candidates and to keep your employees after they join.

A Look at our Benefits Wallet

We offer Canada’s first, true employee Benefit Wallet. The BeniPlus Benefit Wallet is an simple, flexible and affordable way to provide group benefits. As the employer, you will be able to give your employees a virtual wallet that is loaded and available for several different types of healthcare and wellness expenses including:

  • Doctor/Hospital Visits and Medications

  • Wellness Expenses like gym membership

  • Investment in an RRSP

  • Contribution to a Chosen Charity

Our Benefits Wallet is tax deductible for your company. For your employees most of the expenses are not considered taxable income, so it’s a great benefit to them. As the employer, you will pay for all the applicable expenses incurred by the employee, up to a maximum amount determined by you, in addition to a 10% administration fee. If they do not use the benefits however, you will not pay any premiums or fees.

Get Started Right Now

It takes very little time to get started and you do not even have to pay any money up front. Your first step is to sign up. Once you’ve completed the registration process we’ll send you an e-mail with everything you need. Once the program is in full force you will be able to offer your employees the benefits that they’ve been hoping for.

The right service and keep your employees healthy.