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Lesser-Known Benefits of Homeowners Insurance Revealed

Everyone knows that homeowner’s insurance in Palatka is something that is required if you are going to own a home. However, homeowner’s insurance is also a safety net between your home and disasters that can happen to you and your family. From an accident on your property to an environmental disaster, know that the price you pay for insurance on your home is one that is well worth the price if disaster should strike. Many homeowners don’t realize that, in some cases, there are a few lesser-known benefits associated of having a homeowner’s insurance policy as well. Read on below for a few of those benefits.

Losses Due to Bites from Pets

It is highly possible that the liability insurance you gain from having homeowner’s insurance in Palatka area will cover losses due to bites from pets. It is estimated that the average bite of a dog to a guest on your property could result in you owing them over $26,000. If you have the proper insurance, you may just be saved by that policy.

Damage from Power Outages

Natural disasters can occur at any time, and many people will run into power outages at some point. Sometimes those power outages result in freezers full of food being lost. Many insurance policies will cover a portion, sometimes up to $500, for food that was spoiled during a power outage. Food is expensive, so it’s best to be protected if you can.

These are just a few of the benefits of having homeowner’s insurance in your home today. Check into your policy to see what is covered. If you are searching for good homeowner’s insurance, contact the agents at St. John’s Farm Bureau today for more information.