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Medical Tests and Getting Insurance in Kutztown, PA

A fear that many Kutztown consumers have when buying insurance policies is medical underwriting. It is true that medical underwriting can result in the denial of an insurance application. However, medical underwriting is not a factor when buying many insurance products. For example, auto insurance, health insurance, homeowner’s insurance, and accident insurance do not have medical underwriting. There may be other underwriting factors involved in issuing some of those policies, but a medical exam is not going to be needed to gain approval. With life insurance, disability insurance, and long term care insurance, medical underwriting and medical tests are an important part of the application process for most of these policies. It can be helpful to understand medical underwriting when purchasing insurance in Kutztown, PA..

Even when choosing an insurance product that usually requires medical underwriting like life insurance, there are instances when medical tests are not required. If the applicant is young and is requesting a policy limit that is relatively low, many insurers will choose not to require medical tests as part. Some insurers offer policies that have simplified medical underwriting. This means the insurer will not request a medical exam. Instead, the applicant answers a few questions regarding very serious medical conditions. If the applicant has no serious medical conditions, the application will probably result in an approval. Some applicants may want to choose policies with simplified medical underwriting when buying insurance in Kutztown, PA. Keep in mind that simplified medical underwriting policies cost more than those with full medical underwriting.

When full medical underwriting is needed when purchasing insurance in Kutztown, PA, the actual medical exam could be simple or very involved. If applicants are young and if policy limits are low, a blood test may be all that is needed. If policy limits are higher or if the applicant is older, a full physical exam along with blood tests and urine samples may be required. It is not unusual for those requesting high limit policies to take an EKG exam as well. The medical tests required will vary depending on the insurer and the product being requested.

Although those with serious medical conditions may not want to bother applying for coverage requiring medical underwriting, those in overall good health should not hesitate to apply for insurance in Kutztown, PA. Perfect health is not needed. Many are approved with minor health problems. Don’t be afraid to apply.