Need Supplemental Healthcare Coverage? Consult with an Insurance Agent Today!

by | Oct 1, 2021 | Insurance

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Do you have health insurance through your employer, however it is not enough to cover your medical expenses? Perhaps, you are a senior citizen with only the state’s Medicare insurance coverage. Whatever the reason may be if you do not have enough medical care coverage, you should consult with a health insurance agent in Chesapeake, VA. An agent can provide you with information on supplemental insurance that can help cover the medical expenses that your primary insurance does not. Whether you have a high deductible to pay before your insurance kicks in or not enough coverage for additional care such as dental and eye exams. You can gain the extra coverage you need to ensure you are fully covered.

Extra Costs that Supplemental Medical Insurance Can Cover

*You can benefit from having a private room in a hospital that your primary insurance will not pay for.
*Supplemental insurance will cover the cost of copayments and deductibles not paid by your primary insurance.
*Any procedures or tests that your main insurance company will not cover.
*Some secondary insurance will pay for the meals, transportation, and lodging you may have when traveling out of town for medical care.
*A health insurance agent in Chesapeake, VA can provide additional information about the advantages secondary insurance provides you with.

Do Not Let a High Deductible Stop You from Receiving the Healthcare You Need

People often will put off receiving the medical care they need due to high co-payments and deductibles. With supplemental insurance, you do not have to worry about these expenses. Additional coverage will pay for the costs that your primary insurance will not cover. Browse Nina Ambrose Insurance Agy Inc’s website today to view more information on the different types of medical insurance you can obtain for you and your family.

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