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Protect Your Medical or Healthcare Practice with Proper Insurance Coverage

As a medical or healthcare professional it is important to realize that it’s not only important for your patients to have insurance coverage, but coverage for your office as well. Medical office insurance can go a long way in protecting your practice from any number of unique factors. From dealing with sensitive patient information to the risk involved while working with those who are physically disabled. It is highly important to provide your facility with the kind of insurance coverage that can help protect you against situations that are oftentimes far beyond your control.

Specialty Offices Require Unique Coverage Options to Offset Risks

Whether you are a physician, chiropractic office, or dental practice there are both unique and common exposures for each area of expertise. An insurance agency that specializes in coverage for medical offices can best help you assess any potential risks. Helping you avoid potentially catastrophic financial burdens that may occur from medical malpractice, HIPAA violations, data breaches, or even employee lawsuits to name a few. Shields Insurance Agency is well versed in medical office insurance policies and strive to tailor all of your insurance needs with the help of high quality insurance carriers. From nursing homes and mental health facilities, to pharmacies and home health care providers they can help you attain the right insurance policies for you.

The More Insurance Coverage You Have the Better Prepared You Will Be

Aside from General Liability insurance coverage, some medical and healthcare companies stand to benefit from added coverage options like Business Auto or Errors & Omissions Liability. By combining required insurance coverage with supplemental policies, you can effectively protect your practice from an innumerable amount of potential disasters. A key factor in making sure you have effective insurance is in the company you choose. Shields Insurance Agency is well versed in the intricacies of medical office insurance in Birmingham, AL and can help you choose the absolute best policy options with the best rates for you.

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