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Questions to Ask a Homeowners Insurance Agent in Des Moines, IA

Whether the individual is buying a new home or has owned a residence for years, there are questions that a Homeowners Insurance Agent Des Moines IA, should be asked. Taking the time to sit down with an agent and discuss different options for coverage will ensure the owner is protected from any likely event. Here are some examples of questions to ask.

How Much Coverage is Needed?

The new homeowner may not be sure of what type and how much coverage is needed to properly insure the home. After assessing the property and taking into consideration factors like the location, the Homeowners Insurance Agent Des Moines IA, can provide the client with information about the minimum amount of coverage needed. Keep in mind the minimum would not necessarily be enough to rebuild the home in the event of a covered disaster. What it would do is settle any debts related to the property and allow the homeowner to enjoy a fresh start.

If the owner would prefer to have enough benefits on hand to rebuild after a covered event takes place, the agent can also help with those figures. By considering the cost of materials and the labor involved in rebuilding the home, it is possible to come up with recommended levels of coverage. If the premium involved is affordable, going with this higher level of benefits is a smart move.

What Types of Events are Covered?

Going over the terms of the coverage and identifying what is and is not covered is essential. All too often, homeowners think their coverage will take care of just about anything. It is only after filing a claim that they find a certain event is outside the scope of the coverage. Go over the terms and provisions with the agent carefully. Think of all sorts of scenarios ranging from a flood to an airplane landing on the house and ask what the policy would provide in the way of benefits. The responses will tell the owner if that particular plan is really the right one.

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