Reasons to Get Commercial Auto Insurance Quotes in Plainview, TX

by | Mar 16, 2017 | Auto Insurance

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When you first built your small business, your work and personal vehicles were likely the same one. Today, you have an entire fleet of vehicles, or perhaps just one, at your disposal to solely provide work for your company. Some companies are tempted to avoid requesting commercial auto insurance quotes when they add a new vehicle to their fleet.

However, there are more than a few reasons to consider this type of help. Not only do you protect yourself and your company with this choice, but you also save thousands in the long run.

No Limitations

Personal auto policies come with limitations not found when you consider commercial auto insurance quotes in Plainview, TX. Compared to personal auto policies, commercial options do not exclude business-related risk. A commercial auto exclusion prohibits the use of a vehicle by someone employed or engaged in a business other than farming or ranching.

More Coverage

Personal policies only provide you with a certain amount of money, so you may need far more coverage to ensure you protect yourself in the future. The typical liability limit offered for a personal policy is $500,000, but commercial options offer more than twice that amount.

Commercial auto insurance quotes may cover both hired and non-owned vehicles, and they may also cover loss of use and transportation expenses while your vehicle is in the repair shop. Despite all you need to make your business successful and productive, you cannot fail to consider this option due to the sheer amount it covers compared to personal options. In addition, you enjoy greater peace of mind from start to finish, and you can move forward with your business.

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