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by | Jul 30, 2015 | Insurance

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Getting a recall notice for an automobile can be scary because it calls the car’s safety into question. If a driver receives a recall notice, they should work through Car Insurance in Boston to schedule repairs right away. Some drivers put off these repairs because they don’t realize that the manufacturer is responsible for them, but that can be a dangerous mistake.

Does Auto Insurance Pay Recall Expenses?

Getting a recall notification won’t affect the rate paid for Car Insurance in Boston. However, an insurer may raise the premium if they find that a car is prone to accident and failure. If a driver has collision or comprehensive Car Insurance in Boston, any claim due to a defective part would be paid. After payment, the insurer may seek compensation from the automaker through subrogation.

Reasons for Recalls

Auto recalls are a scary thing, and they happen for a variety of reasons. Below is a brief list of the most common reasons for automotive recalls.

*      A door that flies open: It can be terrifying to have a door fly open while a car is in motion. For instance, Ford Motor Company recently expanded a recall for doors that fly open. Models such as Fusions, Fiestas and Lincoln MKZs are affected. The recall was expanded to include over 546,000 cars.

*      Improper steering: Having a car with poor steering can be deadly, as a driver can lose control of the vehicle. NHTSA recently announced that Mercedes-Benz planned to recall certain 2014 and 2015 Smart cars due to breakable steering gear mounting bolts.

*      Malfunctioning brakes: If a car can’t stop, a serious collision could occur. GM recently recalled over 140,000 Malibu sedans because of brake issues.

*      Fires: In October 2012, Toyota announced that over 7 million vehicles around the world would be recalled to repair power window switches that posed a fire hazard. NHTSA collected reports of more than 160 fires.

*      Explosive airbags: Millions recently learned that their cars’ airbags could explode upon deployment, sending shrapnel into the air. Six deaths and over 100 injuries have been connected to the malfunction.

If a driver needs to find out whether his or her car is affected by a recall, they should call Sawyer Insurance Agency Inc. and visit the website. They’ll need the car’s VIN number, which can be found on a plate on the dashboard or in registration documents.

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