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The Importance of Food Truck Insurance

Food trucks are everywhere nowadays offering all types of food items from cheese curds to tacos. This sudden increase in the number of mobile restaurants has taken the U.S. by storm in the past few years. Much like any other type of non-mobile eating location, the food trucks must be properly insured in order to keep the owner of the business safe, as well as the employees and customers.

When it comes to food truck insurance there are a number of different products that can be purchased in order to satisfy all of the specific needs of the business. It is generally recommended that blends of various coverage types are used to protect all of the factors of the mobile business.

Even despite the financial benefits for the owner, such as being able to save on the costs of real estate, food trucks may pose a number of possible dangers, more so than traditional brick and mortar locations, which necessitate a larger amount of insurance.

The following is a breakdown of the risks that are posed by a food truck and will provide you with a general idea of the type of insurance that will be needed to protect you and your business.

Accident Coverage

A food truck is the same as any other type of vehicle and must move from place to place, which means that it is also at risk of being in an accident. However, the stakes are much higher since your business is invested in the truck. The solution for this is carrying commercial auto insurance.


You may also experience damage to the oven or grill, apart from the actual truck. There are a number of food trucks that have a number of supplemental factors of the preparation of the food that reside outside of the actual truck, for example the grill being towed behind the actual food truck. For this you need business property coverage.

Food Poisoning

You need to ensure that you are protected if your food causes sickness of any kind. The solution for this is general liability insurance.

Slips and Falls

If someone is visiting your food truck and happen to fall and become injured, you may be held liable. In this case you can also benefit from general liability insurance. If you are ready to purchase food truck insurance, talk with an agent today for more information visit website.