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The Importance of Maintaining Auto Insurance in Santa Cruz, California

Other than buying a vehicle, the next major money you will be spending on your auto is for the insurance. Not only must you carry insurance, but you have to ensure you the have the right kind of insurance for your vehicle. You must ensure that the insurance you purchase will serve the purpose for which you need it. There is a company in California who will sell you Auto Insurance in Santa Cruz. They want to tell you about the auto insurance requirements in California.

Financial responsibility for autos in California requires that you must maintain insurance on vehicles that are driven or parked on California roadways. This evidence must be carried at all times and be available when law enforcement requests it, when you are renewing your registration and if your vehicle becomes involved in a traffic accident. Insurance companies are required by law to report insurance information on privately owned vehicles with the Department of Motor Vehicles. This information must be reported electronically. DMV may then opt to suspend registration on a vehicle that is not in compliance with the insurance requirements.

Liability insurance must be maintained at ALL times on your vehicle and the minimum coverages are $15,000 for injury and or death to one person, $30,000 for injury or death to more than one person, and $5,000 for property damage. The purpose of liability is to cover the other person and vehicle involved in an accident. If the case is that you cannot afford liability insurance, you may qualify for the California Low Cost Auto-mobile Insurance Program.

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