Tips for Lowering Premiums on Auto and RV Insurance

by | Jun 7, 2014 | Insurance

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Auto insurance is not something which you can decide whether or not to have it. If you own a car, you have to have insurance. The lender will require full coverage if you owe money on it and, even if you hold the title, the law still requires you at least carry liability.

Everyone wants the best coverage at the lowest possible rates. It is important to make certain you carry enough insurance in case you have an accident, but that does not mean that it cannot still be affordable. Here are some of the best ways to lower your insurance premiums.

Drive Safely

It will probably come as no surprise that a good driving record is one of the best ways to keep your costs low. If your past is less than perfect, you can still help your wallet by taking a driver’s safety course. Insurance companies often offer discounts to clients who take the time to refresh their skills.

Raise Deductibles

A higher deductible will lower your monthly premiums, sometimes substantially. However it is important to remember that this could backfire if you happen to have an accident. Be certain you keep the deductible at an amount which would you could afford if an accident does occur.

Drop the Extras

Look over your policy carefully. Do you need extras like a loaner car if an accident happens? Will you ever use their roadside service? If you have an extra vehicle, are near public transportation or could car pool, a loaner car may be a wasted expense. If you are able to change your own tire or jump start your car and you have towing services available from another company, you may not need to include them in your policy. They may only add up to a few dollars each year, but over the years those amounts add up.

Get the Right Company

Prices can vary wildly from one company to the next, so it is important to find the one which can offer you the best rates.

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