Tips to Keep your Teen Safe

by | Dec 1, 2014 | Auto Insurance

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If you have teen drivers in your household you want to be certain they are safe on the road. Here are a few safe driving tips that will help them avoid accidents to keep them alive and the Auto Insurance in St. Augustine Area pays for lower:

•  No Distractions: When driving your cell phone must remain off. There is nothing so important that it cannot wait until you have arrived at your destination. Texting and talking on the phone are the number one distraction for drivers of all ages. You can turn your phone on as soon as you arrive and return all calls and texts safely at that time. You will also be safer if you avoid eating, drinking or trying to put on makeup or read while driving. Music should be kept low as well. This will save not only your life but the lives of others. You can also face some hefty fines when driving with a cell phone or texting.
•  Substances: Never drive after taking over the counter medicines, pain killers or illicit drugs. Alcohol, even a single beer can deaden reflexes and lead to serious accidents. It can also ruin your life or even kill you or fellow drivers or pedestrians.
•  Headlights: Drive with your headlights day and night to be visible to other drivers as well as to keep you focused while driving.
•  No Passengers: It is in your best interest to drive alone. The more people in the car with you the more risk there is for you to get into an accident. Even just one person in the car can make your risk of an accident twice as high.
•  Obey the Law: Speeding is the cause for as many as 40 percent of deaths in teen driving accidents. This makes it clear that you must always drive within the speed limit to be safe. All laws must be obeyed with special caution taken at lights and stop signs and being cautious when changing lanes. Practicing safe driving can also help keep your insurance costs lower.

Using these safety rules will help keep your teen safe as well as keep your premiums low. Consider signing your child up for a defensive driving course to teach them driving techniques that will prove to be more effective.


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