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Top 3 Facts About SR-22 Insurance Plans in Chicago

If you have recently found yourself needing an SR-22 insurance plan, you aren’t alone. This happens to thousands of people everyday so it’s not an entirely new concept in our society. However, finding out you are required to have an SR-22 can come with a lot of stress and confusion. Not to worry. We have compiled a list of the top three things you need to know about SR-22 Insurance plans in Chicago.

Why Do I Need an SR-22?

Many people think an SR-22 is only required for drivers who have a DUI conviction on their record. However, SR-22s can be required for many reasons. These can include:

  • Serious Moving Violation
  • Several Recent Traffic Offenses
  • Driving Without Insurance
  • Reinstating Your License After Suspension

What If I Can’t Afford SR-22 Insurance Plans in Chicago?

Many people assume an SR-22 insurance plan is too expensive. The premium depends on the reason you need the SR-22 in the first place. For instance, if you were convicted of a DWI/DUI, you can definitely expect higher rates. Some insurance companies may even charge 200 percent above their standard rates. If your offense was minor, in some cases, you may only be charged a $25 filing fee. However, no matter the reason, there are affordable insurance options available.

How to Buy SR-22 Insurance Plans in Chicago

The first step in purchasing an SR-22 insurance plan is finding an insurance company that offers them. Many of them don’t so this may take some research on your part. Don’t go with the first plan you find, keep shopping around until you find the best rates.

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