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Understanding Penalties Associated With Auto Insurance In Santa Cruz

Requirements associated with Auto Insurance in Santa Cruz vary based on the vehicle type. For instance, all insurance companies are required to notify the Department of Motor Vehicles at any time there is a change in a policy. Alternately, commercial drivers are not subjected to these notifications. These drivers are, however, required to provide proof of insurance within thirty days of any transfer or ownership or driver. The same requirement applies to private automobiles that are covered under commercial properties.

Automobile Insurance Laws

The DMV is required to suspend the license of any driver who has failed to provide proof of insurance within thirty days of registration. Some counties may require the driver to submit proof before registration is accepted. When this occurs, the driver is subject to limitations based on the date that appears on the bill of sale; they have thirty days from this date to register the vehicle.

At any time that the driver’s current policy is canceled, they have forty-five days to submit proof of insurance under their new policy. If the driver submits falsified automobile insurance information, they receive an immediate suspension of their license. Providing false insurance information to law enforcement will incur penalties as well. When the officer inquires about the vehicle registration, the DMV will notify them immediately as to whether or not the driver possesses valid insurance. Any driver who wishes to acquire automobile insurance can contact Coast Auto Insurance.

Drivers who are facing difficulties in maintaining insurance may qualify for the low-cost automobile insurance program offered through most carriers. The agent can review the driver’s income level to establish whether they qualify. This will prevent them from acquiring fines based on non-compliance with insurance laws.

If the driver does not plan to utilize the automobile in the future, they have the option to refrain from renewing the vehicle’s registration. They can enter into planned non-operation status that will eliminate the possibility of fines associated with Auto Insurance in Santa Cruz requirements. This option is beneficial for automobile owners who no longer plan to drive the vehicle. However, any failure to identify the vehicle within a PNO status could result in a non-compliance of the law in which fines are issued. Click here for more information.