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Understanding Three Basic Types of Car Insurance

Among the many different types of insurance held by Americans, car insurance is perhaps the most common. All states require at least some form. California is no exception. In Upland CA, automobile insurance is mandatory.

Three Basic Types of Car Insurance

Automobile policies come in various types. Each state requires an authorized driver/owner purchases and keeps up to date a minimum amount. While six types of automobile insurance are available, the three most commonly held are:

  1. Liability: This coverage includes physical or bodily injury as well as property damage
  2. Collision: This pays for any damage resulting from a collision with another vehicle or object as well as that resulting from related accidents.
  3. Comprehensive: This type covers all “perils” that affect your vehicle. This includes theft, (excepting by a person living with you) damage (except for that caused by theft, car flipping or collision), high winds (not uncommon in Upland CA), fire and other stated forms of perils. Other exceptions exist.

These are the basic types, others you may want to consider are uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage as well as medical payments coverage and personal injury protection.

Obtaining the Right Type of Car Insurance

When talking to an agent, always consider what type of insurance is not only required in your state but is also suited to the needs of yourself and your family. Do your research first. Make sure you understand what each policy entails before agreeing to the restrictions and benefits of having that type of automobile insurance.

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