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Watercraft & Boat Insurance

You enjoy spending time out on the water either alone or with a loved one. However your boat isn’t covered under your other policies such as homeowners or auto insurance policies. In order to protect your boat, you will need to find coverage with boat insurance offices that can provide competitive quotes for your insurance needs.

What is protected?

It is important to know exactly what your boat insurance covers so you can be well protected during your time on the water. Most boat insurance offices will provide complete coverage solutions that include coverage for your boat, yourself, and your family members. It will also cover your boating equipment and will protect you in the event that your boat does damage to another boat or person. Be sure to read over your policy in detail so you can be fully cognizant about what is included.

Where does the coverage extend to?

Many boat owners assume that just because they have received a policy from their local boat insurance offices that they are covered anywhere and at all times. However you will need to read the fine print to see how far out your coverage extends. The majority of policies will provide coverage for close to 75 miles from the United States coastline.

Boat insurance gives you complete peace of mind so you can enjoy your time sailing or fishing. Get the protection you need today.

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