Ways To Save Money On Auto Insurance in Redford, MI

by | Aug 13, 2013 | Auto Insurance, Insurance

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If we drive any type vehicle, having insurance is something that we can’t get away from having. Even though we have to have it, we still try to get the best deal on  that we possibly can.

One way to get Cheap Insurance is to increase your deductible. While this is not for everyone, it is a proven way to lower your insurance premium. Even though it may be hard, you do save money if you pay your Auto Insurance in Redford, MI either every six, nine, or twelve months. Most companies add an extra fee if you pay monthly. If you have to pay monthly, consider setting up an auto payment that will come out of your bank account. This will increase your savings.

Multiple car discounts are also a good way to save money on your Auto Insurance in Redford, MI. If you currently have your auto and home insurance at different insurance companies, you should bundle them together to get another discount.

By removing some services from your policy you can also decrease the amount you are paying. You should consider removing the towing service from your policy. This can save you an extra $20-$40 each year by just removing this one service. For some carriers this includes the roadside assistance feature, but some polices charge extra for roadside assistance. If you are being charged extra for it, consider removing it to save money. Removing the car rental option is also another thing to consider.

If possible consider carpooling with others to work. You can save money on your insurance policy by only driving your car part time. If you are thinking about buying another car, remember that different types of cars will have varied insurance rates.

If you’re vehicle is paid for you may want to consider carrying liability insurance on it. For many people this can cut their insurance premium in half. When you contact your insurance provider, ask them what will save you the most amount of money. There may be discounts available that you may not be aware of to save money on auto insurance in Redford, MI.



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