What are Your Options for Auto Insurance in Boston?

by | Nov 30, 2013 | Insurance

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When it comes to buying Auto Insurance in Boston, the different options available can become overwhelming. The first thing most people associate car insurance with, is comparing quotes. Although it is important to compare quotes, knowing what the different insurance options will help the comparison process much easier. If one company is significantly lower than several others, it may be due to the lack of coverage being offered. Here is a simple, basic explanation of coverage options for auto insurance. For example, if you were responsible for an accident that caused damaged to another persons vehicle, the policy will cover the repairs for the other vehicle, but not the damages to your vehicle.

The lowest amount of liability coverage is about $15,000 for bodily injuries and $5000 for property damages, so if you choose the minimum, you will be responsible for any amount that goes beyond the selected coverage.

Full coverage Auto Insurance in Boston means your policy will cover the damages to you, your vehicle and the damages to the party and/or another parties property. This type of insurance is typically required for anyone who is financing a vehicle. The lender requires full coverage insurance as a part of the lending agreement. If you have a newer vehicle that is paid in full, it is still recommended that you carry full coverage insurance, because it is less expensive to pay for a full coverage insurance policy that to replace a vehicle that has been totaled in an accident.

There are several optional coverage’s available as well including uninsured motorist. Although this is an optional type of coverage, it is recommended, regardless of the primary type of coverage you have. Uninsured motorist provides you with protection against damages or injuries caused by someone else, who does not have liability or full coverage insurance.

It is highly recommended that you inquire about any coverage’s that are available or included in the policy that you are not familiar with or that you may not need. For example, medical payments are often included in an auto insurance policy, but if you have full coverage medical insurance, most people do not need the added expense of this option. Liability Auto Insurance in Boston is typically the minimum coverage available. When you contact for a liability policy, it means that the policy will only cover the damages you are responsible for.

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