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What You Should Know About Personal Umbrella Policies in Cape Coral & Fort Myers, FL

If you need extra liability coverage, you should see about getting umbrella insurance. This type of insurance policy protects holders form major lawsuits, which safeguards your belongings and family. The protection reduces this type of risk in one of two ways.

Extending Your Liability Coverage

You can extend the liability coverage so that it goes past the limits set for your auto, homeowner’s or boat insurance plans. When the liability coverage for any of the aforementioned plans is completely used, personal umbrella policies in Cape Coral & Fort Myers, FL enhance protection.

Taking Your Coverage to the Next Level

Umbrella plans also provide protection for insurance claims that may not be included in other liability insurance plans. Coverage may extend to rental units that are owned or protect policyholders against slander, libel, or false arrest. While some people believe that personal umbrella policies are plans that offer a full array of protection, they really are policies that extend protection for a variety of liability plans.

Defining the Protection

When you detail this type of insurance policy, you need to define how it can be used. Use an umbrella policy to stay protected in case of injuries, property damages, the filing of lawsuits, or for other personal liability claims, such as shock or mental anguish.

Do You Own a Rental Property?

For instance, an umbrella policy may be used for covering you more fully in case you need more bodily injury liability protection, additional property damage liability insurance, or need to protect rental units that you may own. For example, if a tenant has a dog that bites somebody, and you are held responsible for the infraction, an umbrella policy can help.

Where to Obtain Further Details about Umbrella Insurance

Would you like to know more about this additional liability coverage? If so, contact a well-recognized insurance agency in your community. Speak to an agent at a professional business, such as Lee County Insurance Agency, today.