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What Your California Commercial Building Insurance Quote Should Cover

Information is always the most important thing in business and life. Having the right information will take you further and will allow you to be smarter about your plans. Therefore, when considering an insurance quote for your California commercial building, you should ensure that the policy covers what you need. While most people will take the basic version or a full package, you may not realize that you can customize it (to a point) to get what you need or want.


Most plans will vary, especially between policies. Your company may have a different policy in place than another in the same industry. However, they are usually categorized by what’s insured and the event which leads to the loss. Examples include fires that destroy all the contents and the property itself, burst water pipes that damage your valuable papers and equipment, or storms that damage your signage or roof.

What’s Covered?

Again, each policy is different, but most California commercial building insurance will cover the property itself, the outdoor signage, equipment and furniture, fences, landscaping, inventory and other people’s properties.

For example, if a fire demolishes your property and causes damage to another company, your policy will cover their damage, as well as yours. It can allow you to rebuild after a devastation or can help you make necessary repairs to be in working order once again.


The quote you receive will likely be a generalization of what is available. Once you receive it, you can determine whether it provides enough coverage or can make inquiries to add coverage you think is important.

When finding quotes from various insurance companies, you’ll want to have the necessary information, such as the age of the property, square footage, usage, sprinkler systems, etc.