Getting the Best Insurance Quotes in Santa Cruz can Save you at the Rental Car Counter

by | Nov 10, 2014 | Insurance

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Lines at car rental counters are often long, and everyone waiting is a potential target. For most travellers, by the time the flight is over and it’s time to rent a car, they’re usually just ready to get where they’re going -; and that’s just what rental car companies are counting on. The less you’re focused on the car rental process, the more likely you are to spend unnecessarily. Below are five factors to pay attention to when renting a vehicle.

Read the Fine Print

Before renting a car, learn about the rental terms. Sometimes there are penalties for returning a car early; sometimes there aren’t, but you should know for sure before signing off on the rental. Find out what’s included in the rental price, and what’s not. Sometimes, extra fees can make a “cheap” rental too expensive.

Insurance Coverage

Car rental agencies can be pushy in order to try to get you to purchase their insurance coverage, which is sometimes called a “damage waiver”. The best protection against this unnecessary purchase is to call your insurance company before renting, to get the Best Insurance Quote in Santa Cruz. It’s also a good idea to call your credit card issuer, because many cards offer extra coverage. Knowing the limits of your current coverage can help you avoid paying for more than you need.

Charges for Damage

These complaints appear repeatedly; consumers get bills from rental agencies for damages they didn’t cause. If you cannot support your case with evidence, you’re likely to be held responsible. Thoroughly inspect the vehicle before accepting it, and note any damages. Use a phone or camera to take time stamped photos of any visible damage.

Fuel Fees

It makes no sense to prepay for fuel when renting a car, but you should know beforehand how much fuel should be in the vehicle when returning it. Find out whether you need to save the fuel receipt, and how far you’re permitted to drive away from the gas station after filling the tank. Failing to document these factors can result in hefty charges.

This factor wasn’t mentioned above, but it’s no less important -; avoid the up-sell at all costs. This could be anything from paying for a GPS, or paying extra for rental car insurance. By getting the Best Insurance Quote in Santa Cruz, and by avoiding these extra charges, you can save on your next car rental. For more information visit us website.

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