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Money Transfers To India

There can be many reasons for living abroad for better job perspective, better livelihood; the need to send money home could be a lot of things from a family wedding or a festival to unfortunate events like death, accidents, etc. There can be many modes by which you can send support in the form of remittance to your family.

Contemporary discoveries and high tech up gradation have made it possible to make money transfer to India in a comforting and speedy way. NRI Remittances comprising of various modes like online transfer, walking in to correspondent banks, sending cheques, DDs all make remitting money a breeze. No matter which currency you initiate a transfer the best benefit is the money transferred to recipient is in Indian Rupees

Some of the other ways of remitting money are listed below –

• Money transfer agents –
money transfer companies act as agents for facilitate remittances in India with comfort. Amidst one of the most conventional methods of money transfers, these companies cost you a basic fee for money transfer and serve you good conversion rates.

• Through banks –
If you and the recipient have bank accounts in the similar bank, then money transfer through banks is the most advantageous and safest remittance technique.

• Through internet –
There has been emergence of many internet portals and website that help make an online money transfer that facilitate remittances independently. Though the transfer will be very fast comparatively, the safety and reliability of such organizations is something that needs to be attentively checked.

Today these online money transfer companies have become safe to transact same as a bank for our remittances needs.