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The Basics of Signing up for General Liability Policies in Suffolk County

It’s true that most businesses will go about buying insurance to cover their employees’ and owners’ backs if things hit the proverbial fan. Let’s learn about the most basic form of business insurance, also called general liability insurance in Suffolk County NY.

Who Is General Liability Insurance Ideal for?

Of course, as we’ve already established, in order to buy general liability insurance in Suffolk County NY, you’ll need to be a business owner or responsible for buying its insurance policies. Out of all types of businesses, however, self-employed independent contractors and small business owners need general liability insurance the most.

What Is a BOP?

When it comes to insurance, a BOP is a bit different than what members of Generation Z use to define a song they think is good. Rather, an insurance industry BOP refers to Business Owners Policy, which consists of both general liability insurance and property damage coverage. When dealing with insurance coverage providers, you should know that they’ll often try to bundle the extra property damage coverage to you even if you’ve already said that you only want general liability.

Re-Evaluate Where Your Business Stands Each Year

In order to make good decisions about getting new policies or staying with your current servicer, you’ll need to re-evaluate your business’ needs and buy a corresponding level of business insurance.

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