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The Benefits You Can Reap From Having an Employee Program in Irvine, CA

Company health and wellness programs in Irvine, CA, are starting to grow in popularity. Not only are they popular among major corporations, but more small and medium-sized businesses are starting to use them. There are several reasons that you should take advantage of a company health and wellness program.

Improve Employee Behaviors

Company wellness programs place a lot of emphasis on behavior change. If people adopt healthy lifestyle habits, then they will be less likely to develop a chronic disease. Anybody can practice good lifestyle habits for a few days. However, the key is to stick to these habits for several years.

Studies have shown that people who participate in company wellness programs have better health habits. They eat healthier foods, exercise more and smoke less. They also avoid drinking alcohol in excess.

Reduce Health Care Costs

A company wellness program can help you save a lot of money in the end. There have been many studies done to confirm that employee wellness programs can reduce health care costs. One study showed that companies could save $3.27 for every dollar that they invest in an employee wellness program.

Increase Productivity

Poor employee performance causes companies to lose money. Companies also lose money when people have to take off from work. Poor health is one of the reasons that employees miss work. It also makes it difficult for people to concentrate while they are at work. Because employee wellness programs improve health, they can increase employee productivity.

Higher Retention

You are more likely to retain your employees if you have an employee wellness program. There was a study done by the American Psychological Association. The study showed that 51 percent of people whose company did not have an employee wellness program planned to leave their job within the next year. However, only 25 percent of people who worked for a company that had a wellness program planned to leave their job.

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