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Who Needs to Carry Commercial Auto Insurance?

Commercial automotive insurance in Chicago is a type of insurance that is designer for vehicles used in business services. Depending on the nature of your employer or business, it’s possible you need higher liability insurance. There are also often add-on options to provide coverage for you, your employees, vehicles, other individuals, and your business.

The Different Between Commercial and Personal

A personal drive on the roads of Chicago does not have the same auto insurance concerns that a business does, no matter whether we’re looking at vehicles, drivers, or purposes of driving. There are higher liability issues for businesses, which means higher insurance requirements in many cases. The following are some of the things businesses must consider:

  • Employees
  • Work equipment
  • Passengers
  • Other equipment and individuals

Commercial automotive insurance in Chicago is built to cover each of these things in a sufficient way.

Who Needs Commercial Insurance

If you use your vehicle for work purposes or you own automobiles that are operated by a business, you need commercial automobile insurance. You may think of semi-trucks when you hear the phrase “commercial auto insurance” but that is only one of the businesses that benefits from this insurance policy. Commercial vehicles do not have to be large trucks, they can also be SUVs, cars, and pickup trucks.

It also covers more familiar commercial vehicle and work, which might include any of the below:

  • Leased or rented vehicles
  • Trucks including box trucks, dump trucks, bucket trucks, catering trucks, and refrigerator trucks
  • Vehicles leased or owned by a corporation, business, or partnership
  • Vehicles that carry work equipment
  • Flatbed vehicles
  • Utility bans
  • Taxis, limousines, and similar vehicles

Essentially, if your vehicle is used for business, other than commuting, you need to have commercial auto insurance.

Commercial Insurance Coverage

Commercial car insurance offers the same coverage as personal insurance does but at higher limits. In addition, there are add-on services that are suited solely toward commercial driving. This includes coverage for employees, equipment, and the business itself. The auto insurance specialist you speak with can provide you with information about your specific needs.

Purchasing Insurance

The process for purchasing commercial insurance is similar to that of personal auto insurance. You want to decide if you want to work alone, with a broker, or with an agent. You will also want to compare several policies from different providers. Then you can discuss coverage needs and move on with the purchase.

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